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Industry-leading experts in Travel Data Management and Analytics.

Your business is unique and so are the challenges it faces. Where off-the-shelf travel software and data management solutions are often one-size-fits-all, Grasp Technologies data solutions are developed with your needs in mind and provide real benefits in creating an effective response to specific data problems. With our data solutions and its seamless integration into any data infrastructure, you will see tangible results from an improved process and procedural standpoint.

Through customer and collaborative development, we provide sustainable and inherent solutions for your business. In short, Grasp can help you navigate your data obstacles so your business can run better and more efficiently.

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TMC Solutions

The vast amount of information that a Travel Management Company, or TMC, receives can be overwhelming and complicating. Additionally, that amount of information only continues to grow with a constantly changing industry landscape. TMCs require a number of solutions to help them best serve their clients and the data they manage is vital to several departments including finance, human resources, administrative, sales and corporate operations.

Our solutions help TMCs in various ways, from improving their workflows to saving time, money and by giving them the tools needed to maximize their client relationships. With seamless integration into existing sources and workflows, our platform-independent solutions address any specific challenge regardless of complexity. With Grasp Technologies, TMCs are able to give their clients and their related departments the tools to effectively control T&E expenses.

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Enterprise Solutions

Grasp Technologies Global Enterprise division continues to develop software-as-a-service solutions that can exist both independently as well as integrated into a multilevel, comprehensive existing program. We offer unparalleled flexibility to collect intelligence from diverse, disparate sources. We put you in control of your costs by qualifying, sanitizing and visualizing the data with reporting and intelligence mechanisms that work for your business.

Our enterprise solutions also deliver the benefits of a consistent process, cost containment, increased response time and a proactive position with your data. Grasp Technologies will configure and customize a solution based on the demands of your business, scaled to the size of your operation. The effective and efficient data stream that we build together will drive your business forward.

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Professional Services

Consulting in the data space takes both strategy and experience. Strategy is necessary to plan around a constantly-evolving travel data set. Experience is needed to work on the process, data collection, integration and dissemination. In order to succeed, your business needs both from a consulting partner.

Our long-standing leadership role within the travel and data industries provide a unique, well-informed perspective that our clients value. We are the perfect partner for all your travel program needs. Grasp Technologies Professional Services brings an extensive set of skills and experience to your business and can help with your: Ground and hotel sourcing, air sourcing and performance management, agency analysis and selection, travel program assessment and management and CTD development.

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About GraspDATA

An industry-leading, powerful, web-based business intelligence and reporting tool, GraspDATA automates the creation and delivery of reports that give indispensable insight into travel and expense data.

With GraspDATA, all your travel data will be integrated into an easy-to-use platform where it’s at your fingertips in 3 clicks or less, allowing you to do more with your data and your business.


Key Features

Automated Data Synchronization

Data from your back office accounting system is automatically imported, cleansed, and verified. Transactions are balanced to the penny. In other words, reports from accounting will exactly match GraspDATA reports.

Dashboard Customization

Our system was one of the first to allow for dashboard customization. This feature allows users to create a custom homepage which can include snapshot reports, graphs, and charts related to travel spending and usage as well as access to frequently run reports.

Automated Report Scheduled Delivery

Set it and forget it with GraspDATA's report scheduling feature. Do you know your boss or clients always want an update on the 1st of the month? No problem. Reports can be scheduled to deliver individually or in batches. Additionally, if you'd rather your end users have control over running reports, the same functionality is available to them. Reports are produced in PDF, Excel, HTML, XML, or Word format.

Exclusive Access to Data Intelligence

GraspDATA's Data Café puts every transaction in the system at your fingertips. You can search for return details of any transaction in our data warehouse.

Best Value in the Business

We believe in earning your business every month. With Grasp, there is no long-term contract. After a one-time set up fee, pricing is flexible and based on the number of logins.


Used by many of the largest organizations in the world as the backbone of their data programs, GraspSECURECONNECT global data management engine provides the ultimate solution for the aggregation, consolidation, cleansing, normalization and enrichment of data.

Built from the ground up by our data scientists and engineers and with more than 20 years of proven, tested software, GraspSECURECONNECT is still the first and only “true sync” software for the travel industry. You will have the power of more timely, accurate, and robust data sets from all types of data sources in T&E.


Key Features

Completely automated

Instant data processing ensuring the most timely data (no manual uploading or waiting for data)


Balances “to the penny” with the data source ensuring a more accurate data set.


Grasp proprietary data enrichment, normalization, and cleansing routines automatically apply as data is synced.

PCI Compliance

Takes PCI compliance to new levels. GraspSECURECONNECT is able to recognize credit card/payment data in non-standard fields and automatically encrypts or masks it.

No Mandated Forms Required

Can connect to any data sources or file type.

Manipulate Any Data Element

Can manipulate any data element as required by the client.


Can be configured spherically for each data set, for each client and their requirements.


Provides the ultimate in flexibility for all your data management needs.

About GraspPAY

Many existing single-use virtual card number technologies are hindered by cumbersome processes for issuing and managing VCN, such as having to manually load card numbers into a system.

GraspPAY improves operational efficiency by generating virtual cards automatically within current workflows. With an entirely automated process, GraspPAY uploads VCNs and integrates seamlessly with a travel agent or travel manager’s existing booking tools. Better yet, there are no transaction fees for the client.

For more information about GraspPAY, please visit



Key Features


This solution requires no intervention on the part of a travel manager or travel agent. The entire process is automated into existing tools.


GraspPAY works alongside current booking workflows. No additional, cumbersome platforms necessary


Because GraspPAY works in the background as an add-on to current systems, there is no change to the booking process for the traveler. Therefore, there is no need to train travelers a new way of booking flights or hotel rooms.

Uses Proven Technologies

Grasp has designed this solution to ingeniously use existing syncs and open APIs. Therefore, there is no custom coding or programming necessary to use the service.

About GraspPREPARE

GraspPREPARE works alongside Trams back office to automate the most time-consuming data corrections, such as de-duplicating and filling in missing information.

With an automated system, you won’t have to waste valuable time manually processing data quality control, allowing you to focus on your business, your reputation and your client relationships.

GraspPREPARE live connects to your agency’s back office accounting system. Corrections are made directly to your back office, with minimal user intervention. With GraspPREPARE, your back office data will always have a reliable quality check, eliminating errors in your data.


Key Features

Constantly Improving

Load new cleansing rules as soon as they become available. We don’t make you wait for time consuming software updates to take advantage of our new innovations. Start using them as soon as they are available.


Ditch the confusing menus or complicated setups. GraspPREPARE’s one-click task selection makes it simple to clean up inaccurate data.

Saves Time and Money

You and your team’s time is generally as, if not more, valuable than hard earned dollars. GraspPREPARE saves you both. Accomplish in minutes what used to take the better part of a day to complete.

About GraspAGENT

GraspAGENT is a secure, browser-based system that works alongside the TMC back office to automate the process of running and distributing agent commission reports.

Gain control of your agency with one central place where you could see your outstanding liability and track your payments to your agents. GraspAGENT automates the time-consuming tasks of managing agent commissions and reports. The system also allows agents to sign in and view current and historical reports of their activity and their business.

With GraspAGENT, your agent has more access and insight into their activity.


Key Features

Secure and Individualized

GraspAGENT runs on our secure webserver. You control agent access to the system and can allow them to see only their own data. There’s no more time spent running individual reports and then manually distributing them to each agent.

Dashboard Customization

Our system was one of the first to allow for dashboard customization. This feature allows users to create a custom homepage which can include snapshot reports, graphs, and charts related to travel spending and usage as well as access to frequently run reports.

Saves Time and Money

Compile all of your commission statements with a click of a button. Empower your agents to monitor their own goals and access historical statements without needing to call or email your accounting people.

About GraspDIRECT

GraspDIRECT is a customizable solution that adjusts to each agency’s unique workflow and submits sales information and data in real-time.

With GraspDIRECT, agents will be able to submit their non-GDS sales information into a platform for immediate submission into a back office accounting system.


Key Features

Real-time integration

Provides major efficiencies and time-savings in the sales process, by not having to manually enter sales. GraspDIRECT is also secure and effective, allowing your business to run easier and grow faster.

About GraspSNAP

Poor and inconsistent hotel information has been an industry problem for many years. Information for a single hotel property can be input in various ways across different systems – even though it is the same physical location. Without cleaning and normalizing this data, it is nearly impossible to accurately analyze and report on bookings at individual hotel properties.

GraspSNAP is the leading data normalization software in T&E with a less than .04% error rate in hotel normalization/matching. All various address aliases for a hotel property will be collapsed into a single master hotel property. GraspSNAP provides the highest quality data for clients to manage their vendors, see true spend and the power to make better decisions.


Key Features


Completely automated.

Latest Technology

Works with the latest AI, mapping and geocoding technology.

Accuracy and Insight

Gives clients accuracy and insight into their data that they would not otherwise be able to see.

About GraspIQ

GraspIQ manages and measures the presence of data, along with the quality of the data being provided by a data partner.

Once data arrives in our system, GraspIQ analyzes the data and compares it to a series of proprietary quality rules that Grasp Technologies has built and perfected for more than 20 years. GraspIQ not only verifies that the correct data elements are present, but makes sure that they are as accurate as possible as well.


Key Features


Automated and active management of data quality for clients.


A fully managed, measurable way to ensure the highest data quality possible for clients.

Provides Standards

Provides a standard of which to compare data source partners and determine if partners are the best fit for a client's needs (benchmarking partners, etc.).


Provides a system for clients to set thresholds of data quality for partners to adhere to and be accountable.

Fix Data Quality Errors

Provides a system to fix data quality errors in a more timely, almost real-time fashion.

Quality Score

Offers the ability to produce an overall data quality and quantity score across a client's entire partner data set.

Increased ROI

Gives clients a competitive advantage across their data programs that allows for increased ROI.

About GraspCC

Matching transactions on a corporate credit card statement with the charges shown in your back office accounting system is not only tedious and time-consuming, but it is unnecessary.

GraspCC live connects you to your back office and automates the reconciliation of most major credit cards and travel purchasing cards. The system then produces a reconciliation report using the credit card statement and back office data. GraspCC also presents specific reports dedicated to data that doesn’t match up.


Key Features

Standard Customization Reports

GraspCC produces four standard reconciliation reports: Credit Card Statement, Back Office Items Matched with CC, Back Office Outstanding Unmatched Items, and Unmatched Items from CC. User Friendly

Ditch the Confusing Menus

GraspCC's one-click task selection makes it simple to reconcile credit card data with the back office.

Saves Time and Money

Automate the cross-eye inducing manual process of reconciling credit card statements with your back office system.

About GraspPMI

GraspPMI is one of the most popular efficiency tools for TMCs and can be set up and accessed right from the agency’s website, no strings attached.

With GraspPMI, any TMC will have the ability to provide client access to a self-service portal where they can retrieve invoice copies and other data in real-time, all without TMC intervention. GraspPMI saves time, which allows travelers to reprint invoices well after the fact, and can be used for both leisure and corporate travelers.


Key Features

Easy To Use

Provides an easy to use and access portal for TMC clients to get their invoice data and copies.


Gives the TMC and client unpatrolled efficiency in accessing their data needs from the web and on their smart devices 24/7/365.


Makes TMC staff more effective in that they don’t have to fulfill invoice requests.

About GraspCLOUD

GraspCLOUD is a complete cloud-based IT infrastructure for travel agencies and CTDs.

Gain access from anywhere, anytime. GraspCLOUD eliminates the headache of hardware upgrades and support costs while giving you the freedom to get your work done from anywhere in the world. Have a new hire? Get them set up in minutes.


Key Features


GraspCLOUD allows you to access your system from anywhere with an internet connection. It can be run as a remote desktop or streaming app—whichever fits your needs best. It also allows you to control employee-access to the system.


GraspCLOUD has ease-of-use built into every menu and feature.

Saves Time and Money

Be more productive with access to your critical office systems anytime, anywhere. Eliminate costly hardware upgrades and support costs.

About Grasp ApexAIR

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in Airline negotiation, and being at the leading edge of technology, the Grasp Technologies Professional Services Team offers a complete, tailored airline management program. Grasp ApexAIR streamlines the analysis, monitoring and modeling process and provides a unique view into your key markets.


Key Features

Dynamic Analysis

Precise data filtering tool with dozens of filters which allows a customer to go in depth with their data from a high summary level with the ability to drill all the way down to individual traveler segments. Provides simple carrier breakdowns or complex market share analysis with any combination of markets, carriers or alliances.

Contract Monitoring

Quickly assess and explores vendor contracts and negotiated agreements in real time, drastically reducing the effort needed to perform analysis with traditional methods and tools. Create the ability to shift share between carriers in markets which truly matter.

Contract Modeling

Building on the contract knowledge compiled in Contract Monitoring, this component provides users a unique and powerful ability to create modeling scenarios based on contract definitions and historical data. Ability to load agreements into the system and analyze performance versus goals and realistic discount analysis.

About GraspHOPR

The average agency does not receive payments on up to 20% of hotel commissions. GraspHOPR addresses this issue.

GraspHOPR is a proactive commission management solution. It gives corporate and leisure agencies the insight to make hotel bookings that pay so that they can increase their revenues by focusing on which hotels that pay and pay faster.


Key Features

Don't Chase - Erase!

Avoid chasing hotels for payment by booking smarter with hotels that have a history of payment; do not book those that do not

Increase Visibility

Increase visibility into when the hotel pays

Provide Reports

Provide Reports for Agents showing probability to pay on hotel bookings

View Reports And Dashboards

View Reports and Dashboards geared for Operations and Accounting with
aging on when payment occurs

Capture Hotel Attachment Rate

Capture Hotel Attachment Rate by client showing trips booked without hotel stay

Immediate ROI

See immediate, meaningful ROI after only a handful of targeted booking