Find out how easy it is to aggregate, manage and visualize your Travel & Expense data with Grasp Technologies’ enhanced products and solutions.

Engineer better decision-making with Grasp Technologies.

Together, we can:

  • Collect your date and integrate it seamlessly together regardless of source
  • Scale our intelligence systems to solve your complex data problems and fulfill your business needs
  • Allow access and reporting to the users who need it most, maximizing your impact and ROI
  • Save time, money and create a better, more effective travel program

Our customers are positioned to be technology leaders in their marketplaces.

According to our customers:

“Grasp Technologies opened the door for me, for a complete array of online reporting and data cleaning tools that surpasses any other such systems that I know.”

“Grasp Technologies’ solution works because it’s flexible and it’s clear. They listened to us and provided a best-in-class implementation of GraspDATA, suited specifically for our needs.”

“Grasp Technologies is no doubt the best intelligence tool I’ve ever used.”

Transform your data into useful, articulate and insightful business intelligence.

The difference we bring to your T&E, finance, administrative and/or human resource team is astounding and we’d like to prove it to you. From data management with GraspDATA to virtual payments with GraspPAY to GraspSECURECONNECT which aggregates, consolidates, cleanses, normalizes and enriches your data, we have the solution for you.

Schedule a demo for any of our products or solutions today, and see for yourself why Grasp Technologies is the leader in travel data management, visualization and payment solutions in the T&E industry.

Our products and services are designed to help:

  • Travel management companies (TMCs) and agencies
  • Enterprise clients and corporate travel departments (CTDs)
  • Financial institutions and T&E data analysts
    Integration partners

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