How to dispute a charge, report Fraud, or add a merchant category

  • WEX: For questions on payments, investigations into declines, or dispute challenges please contact WEX at 1-877-557-6415 or travelops@wexinc.comIf you suspect fraud on the account, or on a card, please contact
  • CSI Paysystems: Contact CSI at 1-844-399-4357 or email
  • CITI Bank: Contact your assigned CITI Bank account representative

Contact your Internal GraspPAY administrator

Please contact your internal GraspPAY administrator for items such as these:

  • Questions on GDS formats, error messages, queues, PNR issues
  • Need to know amounts that were charged by a hotel and dates (report #11879 info above)
  • Need a copy of the virtual card or fax or email copy (see first Q&A item on page 1)
  • Declined cards (Administrator see WEX and CSI contact information above) 

Contact GraspPAY Support

Please email for items such as these:

  • Need a card deployed to profile
    • Email and include the traveler’s name as it shows in their profile and the company the traveler is with. If agent profile, include the name of the GDS profile that should be updated and the company.

NOTE: Make sure you always queue PNRs for GraspPAY processing when associating a card to a booking, so that the profile that contains the card will be auto-updated.

  • Modification to agency settings (GraspPAY Administrator must submit)
  • Steps to Opening a Support Case with Grasp:
  1. Product (GraspPAY)
  2. The Corporation name and/or DK number from the PNR
  3. The GDS PNR locator code and hotel confirmation number
  4. Hotel check-in date
  5. Is the issue related to a booking, or reporting
  6. Specific question or concern

GraspPAY Support hours of operation are 8am-8pm (ET) Monday-Friday, except holidays.
Contact GraspPAY Support at