GraspIQ manages and measures the presence of data, along with the quality of the data being provided by a data partner.

Once data arrives in our system, GraspIQ analyzes the data and compares it to a series of proprietary quality rules that Grasp Technologies has built and perfected for more than 20 years. GraspIQ not only verifies that the correct data elements are present, but makes sure that they are as accurate as possible as well.



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Automated and ongoing active management of data quality for clients.


A fully managed, measurable way to ensure the highest data quality possible for clients.

Provides Standards

Provides a standard of which to compare data source partners (or systems) and determine if those partners are the best fit.



Provides a system for stakeholders to set thresholds of data quality for partners to adhere to, and be accountable.

Fix Data Quality Errors

Provides a system to fix data quality errors in a more timely, close to real-time fashion.

Quality Score

Offers the ability to produce an overall data quality and quantity score across the entire dataset.

Increased ROI

Gives our clients a competitive advantage across their data programs. Data is more meaningful when the quality is better.