GraspCLOUD is a complete cloud-based IT infrastructure for travel agencies and CTDs. Why have we created a cloud offering when there are so many companies (Microsoft, Amazon, etc) that have their own cloud products? We know cloud and we know travel! Cloud providers often do not understand how data flows from GDS to mid office to print manager/modules to a back office. We know these systems well and know how to support them. 

Gain access from anywhere, anytime. GraspCLOUD eliminates the headache of hardware upgrades and support costs while giving you the freedom to get your work done from anywhere in the world. Have a new hire? Get them set up in minutes.



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GraspCLOUD allows you to access your system from anywhere with an internet connection. It can be run as a remote desktop or streaming app—whichever fits your needs best. It also allows you to control employee-access to the system.


GraspCLOUD has ease-of-use built into every menu and feature.

Saves Time and Money

Be more productive with access to your critical office systems anytime, anywhere. Eliminate costly hardware upgrades and support costs. Turn your capital expense into an operational expense which provides a better cash flow for your business. 


Cloud + Travel Expertise

We are more than IT expertise. We understand the agency, TMC, and CTD operations and know how critical it is to have reliable and secure technology infrastructure. GDS interface, back office processing, PNRs, queuing to a mid office are all terms we know well. Have confidence knowing you are working with a company that truly understands the travel business..  


Non-Proprietary Technology

We use Microsoft technology for our cloud hosting. There is no fear in being ‘stuck’ with a platform that is unknown to the IT industry. We follow IT industry best practices and use standards well adopted in the cloud space. Only our IT + travel expertise is proprietary.  


US-Based Support

Coming from the travel industry we know that the way travel agencies operate can be different in different parts of the world. A mid office in the US is very different from a mid office in Europe or Australia. While we do have clients globally, our strength is the North American market. Our support team is 100% based in the US and we do not offshore our support.


OpEx VS CapEx

With GraspCLOUD hosting, there is no upfront capital investment or ongoing purchases of equipment. We take care of the hardware purchases you need and simply provide you a monthly fee which is better for your cash flow and more predictable for your accounting team.



We have automation to apply software and security patches as they are released but also periodic internal test drills of security and backups to ensure we are well protected.   Best in class security processes and protocols, intrusion prevention system, intrusion detection system, Dual Factor Authentication.  Remote Desktop Gateway utilizes the HTTPS protocol, to create a secure encrypted connection.  



Annual Uptime for GraspCLOUD: 99.99%