Manually matching transactions on a corporate credit card statement with the charges shown from your TMC is not only tedious and time-consuming, but it is unnecessary.

GraspCC matches air, rail, and fee transactions between the credit card statement and the agency. It automates the reconciliation of most major cards (BTA). GraspCC recognizes matched and unmatched items between the two data sources to simply the reconciliation process.



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Standard Customization Reports

GraspCC produces four standard reconciliation reports: Credit Card Statement, Back Office Items Matched with CC, Back Office Outstanding Unmatched Items, and Unmatched Items from CC. User Friendly

Ditch The Confusing Menus

GraspCC's one-click task selection makes it simple to reconcile credit card data with the back office.

Saves Time And Money

Automate the cross-eye inducing manual process of reconciling credit card statements with the TMC back office system.