How much time is your accounting team spending calculating commissions, producing and distributing agent statements and responding to inquiries such as “Will you tell me who hasn’t paid yet? Where is my commission?”

GraspAGENT automates the time-consuming administrative tasks for agencies with commission based agents and ICs, additionally allowing the agents a view into their business at a glance via reports and dashboards.
The Admin side allows an overview of the entire business including outstanding liability and tracked payments made to agents; the Agent view allows agents to view their own individual transactions, goals, and reports, including Finalized Statements.

The Unclaimed Commission module allows for agents to seamlessly claim and request payments for commissions paid to the agency for their transactions that were sent without the agent name.

GraspAGENT reduces work for your back office accounting team and provides self service commission management to your agents.

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Secure And Efficient

GraspAGENT runs on a secure server and you control agent access into the
system. There will be no more time spent running and distributing individual agent, group or independent contractor reports.


The dashboard customization allows users to create a configurable homepage, which could include snapshot reports, graphs and charts related to their travel spending and usage.

Increased Agent Autonomy and Accountability

Compile all of your commission statements with a click of a button and empower your agents to monitor their own goals or statements, without requiring time from the accounting team