Can you think of the perfect dataset? Well, that might sound a little nerdy but is there such a thing as a spreadsheet that is complete or a system (non reporting) that provides you all the data you need?

Most often, we need to pull in data from not one data source but a variety of sources and combine the results to a richer dataset, a more insightful view.  But without the data connections, it can be painful and time consuming to bring it all together. 

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Data Matching

The challenge here is that data can be inconsistent or there is no unique field. Matching to an employee or trip can be a daunting task. We can take that overwhelming task, apply our technology to match, and send you back a complete matched dataset. Problem solved. 

Data Enrichment

Leveraging our data pipes, we can enrich your existing platform without changing your systems. Work in the tools you are familiar with. We will be the extension of your platform and pull in data that is currently outside of your reach.