Business Travel Trends 2021 and Beyond

It has been a long time since travel management was simply a matter of cutting costs, but the pandemic has heightened the importance of personal safety and traveler well-being. 

How Grasp Technologies Solved Data Complexities For Illumina

Illumina is a global organization operating out of 12 commercial offices worldwide, who was struggling in data coordination and organization given the number of corporate travelers. 

The Guide To Business Travel Trends 2021 and Beyond

Travel managers and corporate travel departments now face myriad challenges, this paper focuses on four: travel budgeting, unused tickets, traveler habits and carbon & sustainability — because proper data analysis management can be leveraged significantly in those areas.

I Can Travel Again For Business. Yay!!... Now What?

Please join Andy Menkes from Partnership Travel Consulting, Michael Hall from Illumina, and Robert McCoy from Perkins Coie to see what has changed since travel was shut down by COVID and what we have learned as a collective. You don't want to miss this event!

Is Your Travel Data More of a Traveler Than You Are?

There tends to be perceived concerns from many international companies when data leaves a country or region. And for many other industries, it is possible to have data reside locally. But for travel data, that’s an illusion and no one can really do it because of the nature of travel data and the vast number of companies involved.

The Complete Guide to Virtual Payments

Business travel has evolved over the years and so has the way we pay for business travel. Virtual credit cards (VCCs) are a safe and secure way for companies to monitor travel while also making reconciliation and accounting easier after the travel is done.

How Disney Slashed Card Reconciliation Errors and Boosted Cost Savings

With a large company like The Walt Disney Company, travel reconciliations can get complicated quickly, and cause a lot of frustrations for measuring the ROI of investing in travel for employees.

Uniting Business Units - How RAPTIM International's data was realized within Grasp

RAPTIM International Travel has been the global leader in humanitarian airfares since 1949 with a mission to serve those who serve the world. 

Controlling the Ramp of Business Travel Expense Post Pandemic

Even though change is difficult within the travel industry, it has now come to a point where things must change. What does this mean to TMCs? What is the upside?

Finding Money with Grasp - A Lesson in Managing your expenses to help your business

Whether it is a streamlined process to save time or money, or to keep up with tax code changes, the job never ends. Learn how to control costs and proactively manage your business in this white paper.

Guide to Controlling Business Travel Expenses Post Pandemic

How can TMCs help their corporate clients? Learn how TMCs can transition from being travel enablers to travel gatekeepers and minimize costs for clients.

Achieving the True Cost of a Trip and Why it is so Important

How much is your company spending on business travel? Probably a lot. And for many, it’s much more than they realize. The key to understanding the bigger picture of business travel expense is knowing the True Cost of a Trip.

GraspPay for Air Transactions

Join Stacey Mack, Senior Director GraspPay Virtual Payment, and Erik Dielschneider, GraspPay Implementation and Support Specialist, to learn about the new GraspPAY for Air Transactions.

GRASPing Opportunities - Success with a Virtual Payment Program

This episode features Richard Gardner of Canadian Lodging Solutions and the success he has seen with a virtual payment program. This is especially remarkable given our industry's struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic. Gardner also offers some insight into thriving during this particularly trying time.

GRASPing Opportunities - Q&A With Grasp Technologies Leadership

This episode features Erik Mueller, CEO and President of Grasp Technologies and Dave Lukas, Vice President and CSO of Grasp Technologies. Our discussion will delve into their thoughts on everything happening in our industry during the COVID-19 Pandemic and this time of crisis, as well as their thoughts on how to thrive as the world begins to reopen. This episode will give our guests the chance to ask questions and engage with the our company's leadership.

GRASPing Opportunities - A Chance To Grow During COVID-19

Rick George, our SVP of Global Enterprise Sales will be virtually sitting down and speaking with Fran McClarnon, VP of Global Travel and Corporate Credit Card Services, of Interpublic Group, Michael Hall, Senior Manager of Global Travel at Illumina about some of the strategies and tactics they have utilized during the Covid-19 pandemic.

GRASPing Opportunities - Do More with Less: Travel Agencies Dipping Into the IC Waters

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Travel Agencies are hunkering down, re-evaluating every aspect of their business, investigating technologies to automate manual processes, and looking far into the tunnel towards the future.

GRASPing Opportunities - Soar Through the New Year With GraspPAY Air

Join Stacey Mack and Erik Dielschneider from Grasp Technologies on to learn about the new GraspPAY for Air Transactions.

Business Travel is Coming Back! Can Your Travel Program Handle the Changes?

Business travel has been changed by COVID-19, learn how business travel will change with businesses opening up!

Strengthen Your Travel Program Now!

If you’re like us, then you’ve heard many times over the events of 2020, that “travel is coming back”. We’ve heard it everywhere and we say it ourselves as well. And if you’re like us, there is a tiny bit of uneasiness every time we say it. When considering how to build a Travel, Payment & Expense data strategy, it often starts with a specific need.

GraspPrepare: Save Time and Money

Learn how GraspPREPARE helps travel management companies save time and money by fixing the most common back office errors.

GraspDATA: A Powerful, Web-Based Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool

GraspDATA give you all your travel data, in one place, at your fingertips when you need it the most.

Take Ownership of Your Travel Data!

With COVID-19 taking a toll on travel in 2020, learn what to expect, and what will change when travel opens up again. GraspDATA can help you do more with your data with travel during COVID-19.

GraspPAY: Now is the Time to Implement a Virtual Card Program

GraspPAY can help your business travel become automated by focusing on the values of efficiency and control of cash flows.

Maximize the Power of Your Data With Grasp Technologies

Our goal is to help our clients and partners maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their data. This is now more true than ever. As the coronavirus outbreak impacts businesses and industries across the globe, make sure you are doing everything you can with you data.

GraspDATA: Reporting & Crisis Management

During times of crisis, such as the current Coronavirus outbreak, it is important for companies to take the necessary steps to help keep their traveling employees safe. With GraspDATA, you can track where your travelers in real time, see which real-time travelers have refunds, and track long-term travel plans.

GraspCLOUD: Support Your Company during Coronavirus

GraspCLOUD offers you the tools and support needed to keep you business running during this time of crisis.

The Data Truth - Why Little Changes Will Make Big Differences

Managing your corporate travel budget can be a daunting and time-consuming task. And on top of everything, you depend on travel to maintain healthy global business relationships. It can be a struggle to accurately and effectively capture, report and make critical decisions related to travel data and Travel and Entertainment expenses. Learn how Grasp Technologies can make small incremental adjustments within the global travel program for more positive results!