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GraspPAY is the latest solution from two of the Travel Industry’s leading software and solutions providers, Grasp Technologies and SureWare.  

Grasp Technologies and SureWare have taken virtual payment solutions to the next level for TMC’s and Corporations with GraspPAY, a fully integrated  point of sale, traveler profile, and business intelligence solution in one.  

SureWare is a partner and certified developer with many travel point of sale systems and GDS systems.

Virtual Card Partners

We wanted to find the right partners to make GraspPAY the best solution in the marketplace. We spent over 18 months interviewing, meeting, and challenging our partners to help us in providing a product that went much further than any other in the industry and then challenged them to help us do it without charging transaction fees to our clients.

Many potential partners didn’t make it, but we found the best of the best who did and we are proud to have them as part of our team.

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WEX is one of the leading global virtual card solutions. In choosing WEX as a partner, one of the most important and unique aspects was that WEX was not only a virtual card BIN operator, but also a bank and could issue credit. Where most solutions have to have multiple vendors (separate BIN operators, banks to issues credit, etc.), WEX offered GraspPAY a one stop solution for everything a client needs to utilize virtual cards and went above and beyond to help GraspPay in creating its unique business model with no transaction costs.

MasterCard and GraspPAY’s parent company, Grasp Technologies, have had a longstanding relationship and it was only natural to work with the world’s leading credit card provider and with the MasterCard T&E team, one of the most tenured, focused teams in the space. WEX issues MasterCards and MasterCard’s worldwide footprint makes it easy for GraspPAY to be used by clients throughout the world.

Extend Enterprises Inc provides digital payment infrastructure for trusted financial institutions to enable modern card experiences. Leading banks, businesses, and other innovators can now access the full power of virtual cards for their business, products, and clients. Extend offers several products, including a suite of aggregated virtual card APIs, a digital corporate card app, and an industry-first card tokenization service. Founded in 2017 by industry veterans with decades of experience at Fortune 500 companies, including American Express and Capital One. Extend is headquartered in New York.

For more information visit www.paywithextend.com

For over 30 years Corporate Spending Innovations has been focused on revolutionizing digital payments. They develop innovative payment solutions that automate and optimize the payment mix, in favor of more efficient and lower-cost payment methods. Their cloud-based payments platform, travel solutions and global-fleet fuel cards are designed for mid-size and enterprise businesses, across all industries.