Many corporations are hindered by legacy virtual payment providers' cumbersome processes for issuing and managing cards, such as having to manually load card numbers into a system or the inability to provide for guest (subcontractor, interviewees, non employee travel). 

GraspPAY improves operational efficiency by generating virtual cards automatically within popular booking tools. With an entirely touchless process, GraspPAY automatically will marry the virtual card to traveler profiles for richer reconciliation data that would include employee #, cost center, GL codes, project #s, etc. 

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This solution requires no intervention on the part of a travel manager or travel agent. The entire process is automated into existing tools like Online Booking Tools (OBTs) and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs). As a result, GraspPAY works to secure and manage payments for the Corporate Account or Travel Client while the Booking Agent keeps their same workflow.

Ease of Use

GraspPAY works alongside current booking workflows. No programming or changes to a mid office or booking tool configuration are needed. GraspPAY generates Virtual Cards automatically. And because GraspPAY works in the background as an integration to current systems, there is no change to the booking process for the traveler. Therefore, there is no need to train travelers a new way of booking flights or hotel rooms.

Increase Profitability

Make more of an impact to your bottom line on every transaction by reducing or eliminating transaction fees.


Integrated Intelligence

GraspPAY also includes an Integrated and Reporting Suite for managing all aspects of each and every transaction. . As part of that suite is a 100% automatically reconciled virtual card report. 

Complete Flexibility

GraspPAY was designed with a focus on ease of use and to bring functionality into the Virtual Payment space that has traditionally not been available.