The average agency does not receive payments on up to 20% of hotel
commissions, even with a commission collection agency. GraspHOPR addresses this issue.

GraspHOPR actively rates the hotel properties on if they pay, and if they do, how quickly they pay. It gives corporate and leisure agencies as well as CTDs, the insight to book hotel reservations that support their business, to select hotel properties that will pay and pay faster.



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Don’t chase - erase!

Avoid chasing hotels for payment by booking smarter with hotels that have a history of payment; do not book those properties that will not pay you.

Increase Revenue

Increase visibility into when the hotel pays.

Reports and Dashboards

See content that is optimized for your audience. Operations managers see a broad view across the agency to see which agents are booking revenue generating hotels and which hotels are paying more quickly.  Provide reports for  operations managers, agents, and accounting to  showing probability to pay on hotel bookings.

Capture Hotel Attachment Rate

Showing trips booked without hotel stay. Air bookings without a hotel are lost hotel revenue.

Immediate ROI

See immediate, meaningful ROI after only a handful of targeted booking selections.