An industry-leading, reporting and analytics tool, GraspDATA provides easy access to underlying platforms for reservation, travel accounting data, and expense.

With GraspDATA, information is available on demand or through scheduled analytic insights sent to your travel manager, accounting team, and/or C level team. Those that lean on quality data and insights, rely on GraspDATA.



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Global Data Consolidation

What data points do you need? Online booking tool? Your TMC accounting system? Expense? Credit card? Or is it yes to all? We handle the acquisition of the data and consolidation of those data sources, as well as connecting to data points throughout the globe.  

Score The Quality Of Your Data 

Understand which data sources are providing you with complete information (cost centers, project #s, etc) and score. 

Visual Insights

Our reporting and BI tool offers canned and configurable dashboards, reports, and maps. 


BYOAT (Bring Your Own Analytics Tool)

Happy with your own tools for insights? Not a problem. Our technology can still bring together all the data for your business to use in a tool that is familiar with your staff and perhaps used for purposes outside of travel. We make it easy to have data at your fingertips.