Agnostic in Data

Grasp Technologies is proud to offer software solutions for T&E programs and teams, and continues to evolve with clients to keep our solutions at the forefront of the industry. The Grasp difference lies in our ability to stay agnostic in data. That means the ability for our solutions to congregate the heterogeneous data, unique to each individual business. The businesses and organizations who can read and integrate their data across all data sets and sources; those are the game changers and the ones who succeed.

The approach with agnostic data allows for platform-independent data collection, normalization, dissemination and visualization without forcing significant changes to the underlying infrastructure. We’ve handled the creation, movement, management and integration of data for more than two decades – two of the most influential decades for technology and data.

For those in the travel industry and those who handle T&E expenses, they know what it means to have clear access to all of their important data. It allows them to focus on keeping their business cost effective and above that, their business requires it.


Grasp Technologies is able to scale to your needs, no matter how large or small your business is. Each of our product-driven solutions offer your business the most accurate data and robust intelligence in the business travel industry. Each operation is handled differently, but with our process, we scale with your needs and your wants.


Grasp Technologies pioneered and continues to define many of the best practices for data management, consolidation and enrichment. In doing so, we’ve learned how to provide a clean alternative to disparate and disjointed travel data. The T&E process can be overwhelmingly complex but it doesn’t have to be. We create a customized experience to visualize, understand and react to your data, despite the source or complication.


T&E is the second largest and most controllable expense for businesses. The data and robust intelligence available through Grasp Technologies gives our clients, across the globe in more than 100 countries, the confidence to make informed and insightful business decisions that deliver measurable results.


Grasp Technologies has more than 600 combined years in the travel industry, serves more than 200,000 corporations and is responsible for the largest TMC global data consolidation. Contributing to record growth, we work with nearly 150 different systems and file formats in T&E.



Grasp brings more than 600 years of combined experience to your business along with our unique company culture and our client-centric approach. Being on the cutting-edge of the travel data industry allows us to provide our clients with integrated, intelligent and consolidated data management solutions. We’re proud of the results and benefits we can offer to our clients, both in and out of the travel industry.

Client service is everything at Grasp. According to our customers, 97 percent would recommend Grasp to their network. We are proud to have provided success to all clients and those mentioned below.

Jeff Verman

Plus Travel Group, Canada

I've positioned my agency to be a technology leader in the market place. Grasp Technologies opened the door for me, for a complete array of online reporting and data cleaning tools that surpasses any other such systems that I know. And, it achieves this without the complicated PNR charges of its competitors. With their help, I've built customized reports that were considered impossible a few years ago that not only allow me to monitor my clients' business patterns but also allow me to monitor my agent productivity and monthly and quarterly airline performance. The Grasp Team consistently surpass expectations with customer service and they continue to share my commitment to technological innovation.

Monica Ram

Custom Travel Solutions, Canada

Grasp Data is no doubt the best reporting tool out there! I have worked with other reporting tools and found the changeover effortless. I am hooked on Grasp. Since we have started using Grasp Technology’s products, we have managed to cut our editing process to half the time with Grasp Prepare. We have the capability to build our own reports, which saves us money. We are also able to automate the reports, which will save us time, with Grasp Report Builder. Grasp Technologies has a GREAT team and their customer service is exceptional. I could not imagine going to any other reporting tool or travel technology. Grasp Technology is a great value and saves us time!

Abel Fouche

Global Crew Logistics, US

Our customers are mainly in the aviation industry, and as such they require high-quality data and reporting. Grasp's report design is incredible, and the turnaround time was very fast while still remaining true to the details. We were able to make a great impression on our customers because of the help Grasp provided with the seemingly-endless report migration process. Thank you Grasp!

Patricia Plaster

Providence Health & Services, US

The expertise that Grasp provided us was amazing! We use several third-party technology vendors in our business, and Grasp has surpassed all other customer support encounters we have had. Thank you for providing such great resources!

Tas Pereira

Canadian Lodging Solutions, Canada

GraspPay’s expertise and knowledge helped us better understand the nuances of virtual credit card technology. Since working with GraspPay we have gained a thorough understanding of how our clients can benefit from the convenience, privacy and security when utilizing virtual payments for their travel needs. Our partnership with GraspPay has also helped us control costs by means of preventing unwarranted charges and has allowed us to remain compliant as our organization grows. We have collaborated with their developers, leaders, as well as their partner WEX Bank since implementation. Their customer service has been outstanding on all levels!

Rebecca Neilson

Nexus Point Travel, Australia

Grasp demonstrates a focus on providing tailored solutions to us as a client and similar customer service values to our business. During the implementation process, there where some unexpected challenges that arose due to the configuration of our mid/back office tool, the team at Grasp, particularly Erik Mueller, went above and beyond to configure the data and provide us with accurate reporting. The feedback from the Group since we implemented Grasp is that the system is logical and easy to use. My particular favourite is the new Report Builder product which is an excellent tool that allows us great flexibility with customizing reports.

Randa Nemish

TierOne Travel, Canada

“Everyone in Grasp Technologies is fabulous. The brain matter in that company is UNBELIEVABLE!”



Products, development and dedicated service is best in class.