Senior Software Engineer

This position’s primary objective is to develop new features for all Grasp applications that serve our customers.  At Grasp, our “customer” includes both our internal teams, as well as, the external client.  You’ll use your varied knowledge of technology and business processes to think of creative ways to solve problems.

As the ideal candidate, you are independent and take initiative.  You see complex challenges as opportunities not frustrations.  You have strong attention to detail, follow-through and thrive in a fast-paced environment.  Your motto is if there’s time to do it twice, there’s time to do it right the first time; so diligent planning and persistence in working your plan are two of your key strengths.  The strong capacity to cope with interruptions and changes enables you to easily and quickly switch gears.

How to Apply

Please submit a resume and cover letter to  We look forward to speaking with you!