Grasp PMI
This product is a time saving tool that allows travelers to reprint invoices well after the date of travel and can be used with both Leisure and Corporate Travel. It is set up to be accessed right from an agency’s website.


Key Features
  • Accessible right from the agency’s website 24/7/365
  • Stores a minimum of 30 months rolling data
  • Can have custom invoice formats
  • Allows for multiple options in displaying data
  • Allows your customers to have on-demand access making the process more efficient
Easy to Use
  • We guarantee our product’s ease-of-use and ensure customer satisfaction.
Saves Time
  • Allows your clients to access the invoice data 24/7/365 with no agency intervention.
  • Greatly reduces the burden of invoice copy fulfillment on the agency staff.
Improves Agent/Agency Relationships
  • Allows you to offer a service to your clients that will help them be more efficient and effective in their business.