Grasp ASP
Grasp ASP Hosting Services not only helps you and your staff to be more effective and efficient, but allows you to do business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! No more being tied to the office to access applications such as the Backoffice. In addition to the benefits outlined above, there is a tremendous cost savings starting almost immediately.
Key Features
  • Totally outsourced IT infrastructure for agencies – a cloud office
  • Eliminates the need to upgrade hardware
  • Eliminates support costs—no more worrying about backing up data or security
  • Allows you to take your desktop with you anywhere in the world
  • Allows you to control access to employee resources, even allocate the time when they have access
  • Allows for new employee total setups in minutes
  • Works with the Backoffice and applications such as ClientBase and many others
  • Can be run as remote desktop or streaming apps
  • Saves money
Easy to Use
  • We guarantee our product’s ease-of-use and ensure customer satisfaction.
Saves Time
  • Allows you to access your agency’s infrastructure with an internet connection so you and your staff can do business from virtually anywhere.
  • The environment also offers some of the highest speeds possible for access and using your applications.
What Our Clients Say

Grasp has been a huge support to my agency as we have been working through our ClientBase installation and implementation. It has allowed us to focus on learning the day-to-day work that we want to do in ClientBase without also having to worry about the behind-the-scenes installation, database syncing and maintenance, not to mention the invariable IT troubleshooting that goes on with any new software project. Everyone we have worked with at Grasp has been helpful, responsive and, above all, patient with us as we worked to get all setup.

Ann Waters
Conference & Travel, US

As a new customer to Grasp in January of this year, I want to tell you how pleased we at Royal
Travel are. We wanted Royal Travel to be removed from maintaining file servers and to move to
cloud computing, but were unsure what the outcome would be. There were some trying moments
in the early stages of the move, as each of our companies worked through various issues, but I can
say with confidence today that the switch has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. To have
Trams, ClientBase, Focalpoint, Microsoft Outlook and the suite of tools all in one location,
maintained and backed up is so helpful and convenient. In addition, the flexibility and reliability it
has given our agents has been outstanding. They can work from home, come into the office to
meet with clients or work while travelling. In fact, I just returned from a trip through India where
both my wife and I logged into Grasp. Plus, the integration of iPhone with the system has given us
all even more flexibility.

In closing, I want to thank you and your entire staff for all the hard work and dedication to making
this work. Each of us had a mind set to make it work and it has.

Larry Berke
Royal Travel, US