Grasp Agent
Grasp Agent allows agents to access current and past statements as well as search for invoiced transactions, see open items and better manage their customers from any web browser.
Key Features
  • Grasp Agent is a browser-based Agent Commission Reporting application for your backoffice system.
  • Grasp Agent is the first browser-based application in the Grasp suite of tools designed especially for use with your backoffice accounting system.
  • Grasp Agent automates the time-consuming task of running multiple reports to determine commission payments to inside and outside agents. These reports are usually done by manually printing reports and re-entering the information into a spreadsheet program and then distributing to agents.
  • You can control access to the system, allowing agents to see only their data, which eliminates the need for printing and distributing individual reports!
Easy to Use
  • We guarantee our product’s ease-of-use and ensure customer satisfaction.
Saves Time
  • All reports can be scheduled for recurring delivery individually or in batches via email or to report history. Grasp Agent saves you time by compiling all of your commission statements with a click of a button.
  • Grasp Agent, being browser-based, gives you the power to let your agents monitor their goals throughout the month and go back to review past statements without bothering your accounting personnel.
Data Access
  • Reports are produced in PDF, Excel, HTML, XML or Word format. Our Data Café allows you to search for, and return, details of any transaction in our data warehouse and reprint invoice copies.
Improves Agent/Agency Relationships
  • Quicker turnaround and more accurate reporting makes everyone happy! Agencies reduce the amount over-paid to agents and agents get paid quicker.