Data Solutions

Grasp Technologies provides data management and intelligence solutions to companies large and small across many different industries. We build unique custom solutions to fit your business’s specific needs and to help you with your biggest challenges. Whether it us automating the collection, aggregation, normalization, cleansing and translation of your data or bringing together disparate data sources – we can help.

Client Profile

The typical Data Solutions Services client profile includes the following:

  • A client who has unique data management needs within their company
  • A client looking for automation of their processes throughout their company
  • Help with making disparate data sources “talk”
  • A need to automate the collection of data
  • A need to aggregate data
  • A need to normalize, translate or cleanse data across an organization
Grasp Data Solutions Services provides the following benefits:

  • An understanding of clients’ business needs and objectives
  • Implementation of consistent processes and procedures
  • Customer service excellence
  • A proactive response to clients’ needs and cost containment concerns
  • Highly customizable and configurable solution
  • Enhanced ability to drive cost saving initiatives
Service on a Global Basis

  • Grasp Data Solutions Services provides data solutions to clients, large and small, throughout the world.