Agency Advantage

The Grasp Agency Advantage Program is a unique program designed to help our clients grow their business. It is a program in which Grasp Data, Print My Invoice and Credit Card Reconciliation clients can use these products to gain new potential clients and even create new streams of revenue for their business!

The Agency Advantage Program is made possible through the ease-of-use of Grasp’s software and Grasp’s unique, efficient and inexpensive “user-based” pricing model. Where the rest of the industry practices a “transaction based” pricing model (which typically results in larger fees and less consistency of what those fees will be every month), the Agency Advantage Program allows clients to be able to resell the Grasp product sets at inexpensive, flat monthly fees and profit from it every month!

This program was started over 5 years ago and has grown rapidly in recent years. There are many clients creating generous revenue streams back to their bottom lines. The best part is that the Grasp team has done the work for you. The Grasp team provides you with all the training, resources and materials to start implementing the program. It is truly turn-key and customizable to you and your clients! And the best part is that it is a free service to all clients!

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