Travel Partners

Trams Inc.

For over 20 years, Trams, Inc. has assisted travel agencies in their efforts to grow revenue, optimize customer management and streamline processes. More than 45,000 agents in over 11,000 locations currently use Trams solutions, which provides the leading back office system, Trams Back Office; the lead­ing agency customer relationship management (CRM) product, ClientBase; as well as unique agency marketing services through ClientBase Marketing Services (CBMS).

Travel Computer Systems, Inc., (TravCom)

TravCom was originally designed in 1976. Jack Revel, a successful travel agent in the entertainment industry, led the original design and ensured that the system would work in the real world at real travel agencies. The original design goal was to create software that would fulfill the information needs of retail travel agencies ranging from $1 million to over $100 million, yet remains easy enough for travel agents themselves to use with minimal accounting and computer knowledge. That original goal is still our goal today and now agencies over $300 million are using TravCom and growing.


MagnaTech provides a full suite of mid-office automation tools including: MagnaTech Compliance ControlTM; MagnaTech OnQueueTM; MagnaTech OnTrackTM; MagnaTech OnTrack ProfilerTM; MagnaTech OnViewTM; MagnaTech ClientQTM; and MagnaTech MysticTM.

Scripts By Design

Scripts By Design has been in business designing, programming and providing support solutions for travel agencies since 1997 through MySabre Scribe scripts. Our mission is to deliver high quality, cutting edge MySabre scripts that will enable your company to meet their goals more effectively as well as cater to your unique business needs.

Prime Numbers Technology

Prime Numbers Technology (PNT) is an independent provider of data analytics technology and the driving force behind the industry-leading travel benchmarking and analytics tool known as Prime Analytics. The PNT team developed Prime Analytics to provide clients with the key to unlock the power of their data!