Strategic Partners

Creative Computer Resources (CCR)

CCR is a trusted leader for providing information technology (IT) support and management services to small and mid-size businesses. Since our beginning in 1996, we have evolved and expanded our portfolio of services to include an array of fully managed “solutions” in addition to our traditional hourly services, which can be customized and tailored to fit each customer. CCR’s Managed Services covers the entire management lifecycle of your IT assets and bundles the systems and support levels that are appropriate for your specific technology environment. Our customers leverage our standard and fully managed services to save money, decrease downtime, increase productivity and gain peace of mind.

Travel Innovation Partners, LLP

Travel Innovation Partners, LLP is a partnership of travel industry technology professionals with global reach. Our aim is to distribute innovative solutions and services that will add value for airlines and those in the travel industry. We do this by bringing to market products that are well accepted in their home countries but lack the resources to be marketed more globally. Advances in product delivery and business communications mean that physcial borders are no-longer barriers to innovation. Our secret sauce is a network of partners that live and work in various countries and bring with them a unique pool of knowledge and experience – particularly working with airlines. Working with our client suppliers, we provide our customers with leading technologies and the know-how to apply them to their individual travel related business models. Whether you are a supplier or potential customer, let our team assist you with strategic IT guidance, management and support that allows you to take your mind off selling or implementing technology and concentrate on your core area of business.

Cloud Transaction Distribution Systems, LLC

Cloud Transaction Distribution Systems, LLC (CTDS) provides a low cost reservation processing and travel fulfillment platform specifically designed to support the Corporate Travel Department market.
Our platform is designed for corporations looking to reduce their costs in processing travel reservations. It is estimated the CTDS solution will return up to 10% of total travel spend back to a major corporation. For a corporation incurring $40 million a year in travel expenses, CTDS can return up to $4 million in financial benefit to the corporation.

Polar Mass

Polar Mass is a web solutions company located in San Diego, California. Polar Mass focuses on developing websites for small businesses that meet any budget. Their services include everything from domain registration to SEO(Search-engine-optimization) to help market your business. They are committed to providing professional and functional websites for any business. Polar Mass strives to help every client – from the techno-phobe to the web-savvy – define and meet their goals, big or small.


DATABASICS is a global provider of expense reporting, invoice management, and time tracking solutions. Providing a unique balance of ease of use, comprehensive functionality and unmatched support, we put the customer first.

Applied Sense

Applied Sense is a dynamic consulting group in the Australian market adding high value to the industry from tailored mentor and coaching work through to operational, business process and travel technology analysis, reviews and implementations. Founded by industry expert Jorge Fernandez, we provide a wide range of tailored services but also welcome invitations to review needs outside the presented scope below

• Process and work flow design and implementation
• Productivity analysis and measurement
• Robotic & automation agency processes
• Corporate & travel data reporting
• Product reviews, road tests, negotiations and implementation
• Operational project management
• KRI and KPI based incentive and recognition programs
• Operational planning and start ups
• Leadership and management mentoring
• Conference speaking and facilitation

Applied Sense works together with GRASP Technologies, Inc. to provide corporate reporting solutions with independent travel data consulting services for their Industry clients in Australia.


TripLingo is the ultimate tool to help travelers overcome the language barrier. TripLingo’s award-winning mobile apps help travelers communicate in a foreign language and learn essential customs and etiquette to help them make the most of their trips. TripLingo includes over 1000 phrases per language, a 10k word offline dictionary, a voice translator, the ability to instantly speak with a live translator, and much more. TripLingo works directly with enterprise clients to keep their travelers safe, productive and happy while abroad.

Gorilla Expense

Gorilla_logoGorilla Expense takes the pain out of T&E expense reporting for enterprises by automating the process The solution includes an intuitive and easy to use web application, mobile apps, credit card import module that interfaces with the major credit cards and integration to various ERP and payroll systems. The application also allows for enforcement of policies, electronic alerts & routing, multi-level manager approvals and other features. Together with GRASP Technologies, Gorilla Expense provides corporations of all sizes with a complete end-to-end T&E solution, including advanced reporting and analytics.