“I want to create the Apple of the data management, intelligence and travel industry.”
-Erik Mueller, 2005

Grasp is unique, not just in the products and services it provides, but in the way we manage our business. We believe that it is not enough to create the best products for our clients, but our service culture must be unmatched in the industry. We take our time in hand-selecting members for the Grasp team. A Grasp team member must be willing to work hard to take care of our clients, give them the best service possible and always be innovating. We have a very unique and open environment in which ideas can be shared, disseminated and implemented quickly … in short, with every year of increased success Grasp enjoys, we work more diligently to keep the walls of bureaucracy down so we stay nimble, quick to adapt and are able to go further, faster and better for our clients.

The Grasp team will never stop improving, innovating and finding better, more effective solutions for our clients and their businesses.